DENERGIUM is a technology company whose mission is to improve the energy efficiency of software applications.

Improving the energy efficiency of applications means first and foremost reducing energy costs, but not only that. It also means improving the environmental impact of its activities. Within a company, it means implementing a CSR project in which employees have a role to play, where employees give meaning to what they do.

The whole company is improved.

DENERGIUM is here to help you.

A word from the founder

Hervé MATHIEU is an engineer by training and graduated from Centrale Lille.

He worked in the research field at Inria. He participated in many developments and experiments in the fields of computer vision, virtual reality, robotics (including a year at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA) and finally scientific computing. He has directed the Experimentation and Development Department of the Inria center at the University of Bordeaux for 10 years. He is co-founder of the company 4D Views.


Alarming reports alert us every day that our relationship with the planet is suicidal. The acceleration of the cost of energy makes us aware of its preciousness.

Scientific calculation has been racing to solve ever more complex problems, and we owe it a lot. It is time to introduce the energy criterion into optimization, to move from a time-to-solution paradigm to an energy-to-solution one.

IT infrastructures managed by information systems departments (ISDs) now give us access to almost infinite resources, both locally and in the cloud. But the real costs of these infrastructures are starting to emerge (hardware manufacturing), and the cost per kWh announced in the coming years will force us to change our paradigm and integrate energy efficiency into software solutions.

How can we just sit back and watch?

It is time to make the use of IT infrastructures more efficient



Today I am proud to share with you the fruit of this work at DENERGIUM